Mapa del mundo 3d en distintos tonos de madera gigante


Instructions for assembling your 3D Woody Map

Assembling the Woody Map 3D may seem complicated, but don't worry, here we offer a complete guide to making it easy and fun. It will be like another adventure in which you discover new places to visit.

Assembly time: It takes about an hour. Get some help from friends or family. It's perfect for assembling all together so even the youngest can learn geography.

What does the map include?

Double-sided tape (cut small pieces of about 2 cm)

Corner templates as a guide
20 green pins and 20 red pins

Get to work!

1. Cut the double-sided tape in pieces of about 2 cm, remove the film from one side, and stick them to the edges of the map on the back. Add some extra bits so that it stays well-fixed to the wall.

2. Place the corner templates: template #1 will be the first to be placed on the left. From there, measure 150 cm | 200 cm to the right and place template #2.

3. Finally, remove the remaining film from the tape and hang the different parts to the wall, with the help of the templates.

*Miss Wood is not responsible for any damage to the wall. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or email We will be happy to help.

Below, a short video to see the whole process:

Cafetería industrial con mapa de madera 3d
Cabecero de madera mapamundi 3d
Cabezal mapa del mundo 3d de madera en habitación