Wooden Custom Keychains

A Unique Gift for the best memories

Discover a new way to customise your keyring with our wooden tags. The perfect accessory for all your souvenirs. Each tag is an adventure to tell that will help you remember the best moments you experienced in the place that stole your heart. Every time you use your keyring, it will inspire you to plan the next trip. 

Combine several tags and get a discount

Varias tags encima de un mapa watercolor decorado por luces led

Special couple Keyring

An engraved and personalized keyring is the best option to remember the best moments with your partner. Here are some inspirations to customize your gift. Perfect for her and him.
Varias tags de países, colocadas en un llavero

An unforgettable trip

Collect all your adventures in one place and remember the best moments from each destination.
Varias tags personalizadas con texto, colgadas en un tag collector encima de unas polaroids

Remember a Special Date

There are some dates you will never forget: incredible trips, weddings, births. Keep them forever with you wherever you go.
Tag con el código de Spotify para escanear tu canción favorita, mostrando su reverso personalizable

Listen to your song on Spotify

The show must go on! No matter how many times you listen to your favourite songs, you will never get tired of them. Take them with you everywhere.
Tags personalizadas con nombres, encima de una mesa con ramitas de flores

Write the name of your sweetheart

Always take with you the special people who make you happy and a better person.
Tag con el nombre de la mascota que acompaña la tag en esta foto

Engrave the name of your pet

If you have a pet, there’s no need for us to tell you the joy with which it greets you every morning. Carry a unique souvenir of him to have with you at all times.

Your Special Initials

Write down the initials of people, places, or moments you always want to carry with you. We all have a special someone that we want to remember forever.

Collect all of your tags on your travel keyring

We designed the best accessories to carry your Tags always with you.



Tag collector, en un fondo blanco
Llaveros con los tres colores disponibles, en un fondo blanco

Handmade en Barcelona

Our tags are made in Barcelona by local suppliers, according to our philosophy.

Natural walnut-coated maple wood

We use certified first choice wood from sustainable forests.

100% Miss Wood

Our tags are 100% original and designed by us. You will not find anything like it.
Varias tags con su caja diseñada, encima de un mapa watercolor
Varias tags de países, colocadas en un llavero
Tag de Francia mostrando su reverso también personalizable, encima de un mapa watercolor


About 15. In addition, if you want, you can add a Tag Collector, which is an extra hook where you can put 10 more.
Nope, this model is only printed on the side where the flag appears. If you are looking for a Tag to customize on both sides, you can go for the Flag + Text Tag.
The diameter is 3 mm and fits on any keyring.
No, unfortunately, this is NOT possible at the moment.