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Blank world map

A blank political map of the world is a drawing without any written information. Its main advantage is that it can be used to fill in, colour or mark regions, which helps test what you self-taught or learned in class. A political map can come without names in single or multiple colours, without references to countries, capitals, continents or other information.

Black and white world map with border

This political map only shows the outlines of the planet and its continents in black and white, with nothing written on it. The blank world map to print is a helpful tool for children to learn geography and test themselves in a healthy and fun way with other friends of their age and even older people.

Furthermore, this model is printable and ready to be customized as you like the most. Last, but not least, you will save your printer colour ink.

Download PDF here

World map with colours and borders

All written references are omitted in this model, while colours and borders are used to mark the countries. Some include a sign or symbol instead of letters to indicate capitals or major cities. It is a great educational resource for students and professionals.
Download PDF here

World map with names and capitals

The most appreciated by students of all ages because they help understand the world based on the names of the most important countries or cities, as is the case of the political world map with capitals. Find them in Spanish, English and other languages, and in your favourite formats to download and print. There are several ways to group them. The most frequent is the political map with continents where the geographical location of America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania can be easily recognized.

Political map with names and colours

Its main advantage is allowing you to differentiate countries by colours and names, which optimizes the ability to remember and locate them. This model is perfect for learning and, therefore, it is one of the most used maps for children, both at school and at home.
Download PDF here

Black and white world map with borders

These maps avoid colours and only rely on black and white to mark borders, country names, continents and other relevant details. Many people use them for educational purposes or to decorate their home.
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Black and white world map without borders

A minimalist-inspired world map that omits border divisions and only shows the names of countries and cities on a white background. It is a popular educational resource to give a unified view of the world. It is also very appreciated as a decorative element and helps to train your geographical knowledge.
Download PDF here

World map with continents

It represents the planet by the names of the continents and their location. In addition, you can highlight other geographical elements such as the oceans or cultural, ethnographic, economic characteristics, among others.
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mapa del mundo para descargar gratis

Political World Map

A world's political map is one of those must-haves that shouldn't be missing in your home. It is ideal for those who enjoy learning, cultivating their curious and adventurous spirit and sharing their learnings and discoveries with others.

A political map of the world detailing cities, countries, or capitals always comes in handy in the formats you like the most. It is a tool allowing us to better understand the world around us.

If you want to know which world map you should get to decorate your home, keep reading and discover everything about this super helpful cartographic tool.

What is a political map, and what is it useful for?

A political map of the world is a visual representation of the Earth's surface. It allows you to see the planet divided by countries, with the borders precisely established.

Every political world map is a planisphere in which each country is identified by colour or with well-distinguishable graphic features. This educational tool is handy because it helps to:

· Easily understand the location and general geography of each country.

· Locate the continents, oceans and seas present on our planet.

· Find information that can be very useful since different ages and levels of learning can understand it.

· Pick the model that best suits what you are looking for, in the format you prefer.

Are all political maps the same?

Nope, the most popular are those differentiated by colour, but there are also black and white ones, with capitals and with or without borders. Again, there are modern, historical and even ancient models.

There is a model for everyone - many designs, elaborated with more or less complex cartographic methods. It all depends on each person's preferences and needs.

If you are looking to download a political world map to print to improve your knowledge, give away or frame to add a bohemian or distinctive touch to a room or office, you are in the right place.

detalle de la leyenda de mapa del mundo

Which is the right map for you?

Do you need a map of the world, but are unsure which model is suitable for you? Nowadays, the Internet makes it easy. With a simple click, you can select the design you like best from the various options, buy it, print it out, or place an order.

There are so many varieties of maps that many geography enthusiasts collect them and display them as trophies.

If it's a gift for a child, bear in mind that finding the suitable model may not be as easy as it sounds, as there are different themes, styles and complexities to consider.

To make things easier for you, we have selected several printable political maps that you can download or purchase. There are many options to choose from: maps with country names, maps with capitals and cities, silent maps or colour maps. There are also some blank ones, perfect for colouring in.

Ideas for making the most of your political map

As a visual resource, a political map of the world in PDF helps to achieve educational goals, satisfy our curiosity or animate that explorer spirit we all carry within.

Whether it's a learning tool, a fun hobby, or a decorative element, having a political world map at home is perfect for making tangible the vision that, as children, teens or adults, we have of our planet.

Check out these ideas for putting it to good use:

· A political world map to colour in is an ideal gift to encourage a child's first approach to understanding the Earth.

· They are helpful to decorate and to make your spaces more sophisticated or to cover surfaces. You may also insert them in cork, vinyl and inside old or modern frames.

· Get ​​a world map to print in PDF format, a blank political map to print in folio size or colouring and use them to support your classes, as a challenge for your general knowledge or display on a wall.

· Print them out and be creative; you can craft them into DIY puzzles.

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities. As a hobby, for your homework, for self-learning, as a gift, or to enjoy them as a decorative element, world maps are a must that you should not be missing at home.

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